Review of Bibliometrics in Wageningen

Published on
April 1, 2009

On 1 April in the Forum building in Wageningen, Wageningen UR Library organised the symposium 'Bibliometrics in Wageningen' on citation analysis and publication strategies. About 120 people from both Wageningen and non-Wageningen institutions attentively listened to five lectures from information specialists from the library.

In his lecture 'Repository As A Tool For Bibliometric Analysis', Peter van der Togt explained what the goal of bibliometric analysis is: "comparing the number of citations of a scientific article with other scientific articles from the same year and the same field", and how we use the repository in Wageningen for this. By connection the publications in the repository and the citation score in Web or Science, users can create overviews at different levels (for example, by chair group or by author). For access to the citation analysis mail to Library.WaY.
Then bibliometric analysis itself was dealt with in Wouter Gerritsma's lecture: What is important and what problems does one encounter.
In the lecture on publication strategies, Marianne Renkema explained what authors have to pay attention to in order to achieve the highest score possible. She urgently advised to report consistently affiliations and author names.
Marco van Veller's lecture was entitled 'Publication analysis of GIScience in the Netherlands'. As an example of a citation analysis, he discussed the project "Effect of 'Space for Geo-Information' on GIScience in the Netherlands". This project had 3 main goals: measuring scientific output and impact of GIScience, the international ranking of GIScience in the Netherlands and Wageningen UR Library's bibliometric analysis for 1999-2007.
Finally, Wouter Gerritsma wrapped up the programme by explaining the position of Wageningen within the rankings of the international citation indices.

The contributors' PowerPoint presentations can be found on SlideShare.

(newsletter 3-2009)