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Roelof Platenkamp

‘Throughout my career in the oil and gas industry, I worked in an environment dominated by mining, civil, and petroleum engineers who kept a close eye on me, an agricultural engineer from Wageningen and a physicist from Leiden.'

I know for sure that Wageningen has a lot to offer in the search for sustainable solutions to our current energy problems.
Roelof Platenkamp, founder and Executive Chairman of Tulip Oil bv

'It was the pragmatic aspects of my degree programme at Wageningen which gave me that all-important competitive edge that enabled me to add extra value to our activities. In my opinion, the potential contribution that Wageningen engineers can make outside the agriculture and food sectors is not sufficiently recognised. I know for sure that Wageningen has a lot to offer in the search for sustainable solutions to our current energy problems, so I would like to see more Wageningen engineers in the energy sector. I owe a lot to my alma mater and am happy to devote time to the Wageningen Ambassadors initiative.’

Roelof Platenkamp graduated from Wageningen in 1976 and gained a PhD in mathematics and physics at Leiden. He started his career in the Shell Group and the NAM. He then worked in IT and Economics at Shell in The Hague, as a petroleum engineering manager in London, a development director in Venezuela, and a corporate affairs director at Petroleum Development Oman. In 1999, he was appointed Global VP for Strategy, Economics & Planning at Shell International. In 2001 he accepted the position of Exploration and Production Manager at the NAM, and became a director in 2003. At the same time, he was Commercial Director of Shell’s European E&P organisation. On 1 March 2006, he was appointed Global Vice President of Petroleum Engineering and Development and Group Chief at Shell International E&P in The Hague. He left the Shell Group in March 2010 and is currently a member of the Executive Board of FOROIL in Paris and advisor to the board of ConocoPhillips in his capacity as a member of the ‘Industrial Legend’ programme. In July 2010, Roelof Platenkamp founded Tulip Oil bv – an exploration and production company that specialises in the detection and development of oil and gas fields in Western Europe – in partnership with Barclays Capital.

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