Roundtable Healthy Food Choices

February 4th, 2010 an international elite group of seventeen thought leaders representing top universities, major institutions and food companies discussed long-term healthy food choices in Western society.

Their goal was to clarify and group controversial issues and generate innovative explanations and solutions. The results of the roundtable will enable public and private parties to identify actions to promote a healthier lifestyle in general and healthier eating habits in particular.

The Roundtable on Encouraging Healthy Food Choices

is an initiative from Wageningen University and food retailer Royal Ahold. We aim to explore the knowledge and expertise of different disciplines within science about Western food choices, and to make this knowledge actionable.

Well, actionable it is…. look for yourself! We invite you to explore this site and ideas in order to contribute to the improvement of our society’s health.

What is the reasoning behind the Roundtable?

One of the main food challenges in the western world is choosing a healthy diet. The awareness and sense of urgency are there, the knowledge is there and there are many ongoing initiatives. But how can we really encourage consumers to make healthy food choices in the long term? This event brings together the latest knowledge from different disciplines to pinpoint key issues and the main areas where solutions can be identified. The aim is to make current scientific knowledge actionable for business and society.

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Roundtable Healthy Food Choices