The program SMOOTH can be used for the cleaning of data and removal of genotyping errors that appear after mapping and comparing the scores with flanking markers. This in-house software was made to construct the marker dense potato map and the application was published in Theoretical and Applied Genetics.

The software was never intended as user-friendly software, and it makes use of the syntax of JoinMap.loc raw data files. In these days it would be more useful to re-do the programming of this pascal source code into a perl script. I would welcome anyone who takes the initiative to generate such a script and I will be happy to make downloads (with credits to the author) publicly available.


Smooth works in close cooperation with mapping algorithm RECORD.

Opinions from peer reviewed publications on Record

By early 2009 Record has been cited in 27 peer reviewed publications. In general the papers report favourably on the speed and quality of the results of RECORD. A recent test of mapping software is published in Heredity. Mollinari et al. (2009) Evaluation of algorithms used to order markers on genetic maps.

SMOOTH software is freely available for academic users. Commercial entities have to contact us first.