Call for partners: Safe use of Seaweeds in Animal Feed


Safe use of Seaweeds in Animal Feed

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is setting up a Public Private Partnership project about the safe use of seaweeds in feed for dairy cattle. We invite partners from all over the chain to join us.

Big potential in seaweed

Seaweed is a new circular raw material researched for multiple applications in animal feed, also within Wageningen. Capabilities such as a new protein source, methane reduction or potential positive health benefits all belong to the application of seaweed.

How to safely put it to use

To enable the use of new raw materials in daily life, it is important to know how we can do this safely. For a complete picture it is important to know if seaweed:

  • Is safe for the animals
  • Is safe to work with
  • Has no effects on animal products like meat and milk
  • Is safe for the environment, when the manure is spread across the land

Goal: a risk-benefit

A risk-benefit, the end goal of this project, gives objective information on how we can positively use seaweeds in animal feed. This information helps the complete chain, from beginning to end, to develop further and maximize seaweed as a new raw material.

Invitation to collaborate

We are looking for partners who also want to contribute to this project. Partners from all over the chain are invited to get into contact, for example seaweed farmers, feed manufacturers, dairy producers or (regional) governments.

Want to know more?

Please get in touch with Wouter Muizelaar before June 2020 via the contact form below or telephone +31 317 487 941.