Science at the Local Market

Scientists at WUR are working on subjects that you encounter everywhere in your daily life, for instance in your shopping bag and on the stalls at your local market. If you pay a visit to the market in Wageningen on Saturday 12 May and Saturday 19 May, you will have the chance to listen to artists tell the story behind the products in your shopping bag.

Organised by 100 years WUR

Sat 12 May 2018

Sat 19 May 2018

Venue Wageningen Market

Did you know that the banana nearly became extinct? Or that you can change the DNA of what you eat? At the market in Wageningen you can get to know the science of Wageningen university & Research (WUR) and find out about the subjects on which researchers and students are working at Wageningen Campus.


Six artists/theatre performers will put on a show at different locations at the market. They will give their take on subjects that Wageningen scientists are working on. These include proteins, coffee, DNA ‘cut and paste’ with CRISPR-Cas, bananas, ornamental flowers and confectionary such as sweets and syrup waffles. The scientist concerned will also be there to present an explanation of their work. So this is your opportunity to get to know the story behind the market in a playful way!

Guided tour

Don’t want to miss anything? A guide will take you past all the performances. The tour will start from Wageningen University & Research’s stall next to the fountain.
Start times: 10.00 11.00 12.30 13.30 hours.

This event is intended to bring together the people of Wageningen and Wageningen University & Research, as the latter’s education and research are increasingly moving from Wageningen centre to Wageningen campus. With this market, WUR aims to inform the people of Wageningen about WUR’s field of work in a creative manner. Science at the Local Market is one of the activities in the anniversary year (100 years WUR) and is co-organised by the theatre performers of #ONCK.