Search tip #19: Beeld en Geluid op school

Published on
February 17, 2021

Finding good quality audio and visual materials to enrich your studies and projects can sometimes be challenging. You can use the website "Beeld en Geluid op school" to find photographs and audiovisual materials.

Finding audiovisual materials

The World Wide Web is flooded with audiovisual materials. But, it's not easy to find materials to use in your own project. You may already use platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Images, Unsplash, Flickr or many others. They can be helpful to quickly find some videos or images. However, high definition television fragments and radio programmes are more difficult to find.

A new tool to find audiovisual material is the website Beeld en Geluid op school (Dutch only). This is an online media platform with more than 145,000 programme titles and audio dating back to 1900. The oldest material is a video of a student parade in Leiden from June 19, 1900.

Access Beeld en Geluid op school

Go to the website of Beeld en Geluid op school and login (top right corner). Choose “Inloggen met SURFconext” and select Wageningen University & Research as your institution.

Search and use materials from Beeld en Geluid op school

Searching for materials

  • You can search using Boolean operators (AND OR NOT) and the wildcard * (to replace characters);
  • You can filter your results, for example by genre, by age category, or by date);
  • You can save your searches. The platform will also automatically save your 20 most recent searches;
  • If you cannot find what you need, you can request materials that are not yet available on the platform.

(Re)-using materials

  • You can edit the material: reduce the fragment to what you need. You do this directly on the platform.
  • All materials on this website are placed with the approval of the copyright holders. You can share and embed fragments in your work or in your presentations.

Convinced yet? Have a look around and get inspired!