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Service Unit Fruit

The Service Unit of PPO Fruit can conduct quality measurements on samples of apples or pears for any grower, contract cooler, or fruit trader. The measurements give you information about the quality at different points in time in the chain.

You can bring the samples yourself or you can ask us to collect them.

  • You can use the results of the measurements around harvest time yourself - or in consultation with your advisor - to decide upon the time of picking.
  • You can have the samples from the storage cell sampled and assessed to gain insight into the quality of the fruit you have stored in the storage cells. The control results give you insight whether the intended storage duration is still matching the quality of the stored fruit.
  • We are also happy to provide parties further down the chain with a reliable indication of the quality of the fruit batches they have in storage.

We are conducting our measurements in a standardised way which enables proper comparison of the measurements with measurements at other points in time or on other batches. If you wish, we can present the results of several measurements carried out for you (also from preceding years) in conveniently arranged reports.

Quality Team PPO Fruit