Strategy AEW

Published on
May 3, 2018

During our weekly discussion lunch with staff and students we thought it would be nice to try coming up with a broadly shared vision. With a blackboard and vivid input we converged in less than half an hour. Here it is:

We want to make a better world.

We do this by providing excellent research and teaching, in a positive working environment.

By contributing to the improvement of water quality, we add value to society and the environment.

Our output is high and we are internationally at the front.

To maximize our relevance our work has a close link to practice and to current water quality threats.

We believe we can achieve this best by focusing on the behaviour of ecosystems: their dynamics and functions, and by starting off from our own motivations and personal interests.

While cherishing individual autonomy, we like to collaborate.

More specifically; we generate new knowledge from individual creativity ‘in isolation’ as well as from creativity triggered through networking, by seeking diversity, by international collaborations and by seeking interactions within and across research groups.

Our teaching follows our science and while we renew what we teach, we also innovate our teaching methods.

We also realize that we are too thin in teaching capacity; and that we are reaching a boundary line.

At times, we sit back and realise we are a happy group, financially stable and with good food every Thursday.