Successful Alumni Meeting in Bangladesh

Published on
November 18, 2013

On the occasion of the 95th Anniversary of Wageningen UR, an alumni meeting was organized on 15th November in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Fifteen alumni participated in the event, working at universities (5), NGOs (6), private sector (2) and government organizations (2).

Besides an update on Wageningen UR and activities related to Bangladesh, there was a key-note on the thematic topic of the meeting ‘Climate Change, water management and food security’ presented by Catharien Terwisscha van Scheltinga, researcher of the Climate Change and Adaptive Land and Water Management Team of Alterra, and director of the Wageningen UR Project Office in Dhaka (WUR-POD).

In the lively discussion that followed, the complexity in the bio-physical setting regarding land and water management combined with pressing factors like migration and climate change in Bangladesh was brought forward. Alumni highlighted the relevance of integrated knowledge, and the need to translate academic knowledge to practical settings and vice versa. It was pointed out that this is not only required with regard to climate change, water management and food security, but in all fields of work of the participants (food technology, feed business, soil research, water management, environment, aquaculture, community support and breast feeding promotion).

The initiative for an alumni meeting was welcomed, and one of the participants formulated it as follows: ‘I am happy to be here and celebrate the 95th Anniversary. When I was in Wageningen, I missed Bangladesh. Now that I am in Bangladesh, I miss Wageningen’.