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Supply chain analysis for path planning

I graduated from the master's Biosystems Engineering with the profile focusing on Operations Research and Logistics. Already during my bachelor's, I discovered the fun of mathematical modelling and optimisation.

During my master's, I enjoyed the broad focus and the many options to compose my own programme. Here, I focused on the application of the mathematical modelling and optimisation within the context of Agriculture. E.g., for my thesis I studied path planning in arable farming with my own formulated routing optimization model based on literature. After the thesis, I conducted my master internship at Argusi.

Argusi is a company, consisting of an enthusiastic team of quantitative analysts that has more than ten years of experience in optimising supply chains of different kind of companies (e.g. Heineken, DPD, Tata Steel and Cisco).

During my internship, I developed new quantitative visualisations that were directly used in optimisation projects executed for customers. After my internship I started working at Argusi as Supply Chain Analyst. In my function I work in small project teams for customers and analyse their current supply chains. This involves the analysis and validation of large data sets. After this first phase, the supply chain of our customer is often optimised using mathematical models.

In the end, we advise the customer how they can improve their supply chain in various scenarios. As Supply Chain Analyst, I like the challenge of cracking data sets and formulating mathematical models to describe the practice situation the best as possible. In the end, I like to gain specific insights that are valuable for customers. Reflecting on my master's, I value the use of a diverse set of software programmes and the possibility to focus on modelling. I still use these skills in my everyday work.

For more information about what I do and Argusi; look at our Argusi website or contact me via

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