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Testimonial Iris van der Zande

In March 2013, I started to work on my Bsc-thesis at the Laboratory of Nematology. My thesis was about the interaction between proteins secreted by the nematode Brugia malayi and extracellular matrix proteins of macrophages in the human immune system.

They are open to involve students in what they are investigating by short presentations, which are given every week by someone else
Iris van der Zande

June 2013

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During my period at the laboratory I learned how to perform my experiments, plan them and how to write a scientific article. Most of my time working at the laboratory I spent in the lab, which I really enjoyed. The atmosphere in the lab is relaxed and cozy, with people talking and music, creating a nice learning environment. At the beginning I did not know where to find everything that I needed, however within a couple of weeks you know where to find everything. Subsequently, I started to notice that I became faster and more precise in performing my experiments. Of course I was not the only student doing my thesis, actually we were quite a big group of students. The students are a various group from different studies and everybody had their own research. When you are performing experiments there are days that every things goes great and you find a breakthrough in your research, however there also are days that you just want to leave and start the next day with new hope of a better result. I think that this feeling, about the bad and great days, connects us.

All the people working at the laboratory are  friendly and willing to help if you have questions. They are open to involve  students in what they are investigating by short presentations, which are given every week by someone else. I thought it was an informative way of hearing something about the research that is preformed and I was amazed by the diversity of this research. What I noticed is that besides these differences in topics everybody has passion and dedication for what he/she is researching. During my thesis I got to know another part of the university namely the planning around courses and practical’s given by the PhD's and Professors.

If it was not obvious already, I enjoyed my time at the laboratory and my advice would be to talk to one of the professors to see what is possible. There is just one thing left to say, be prepared to eat a lot of pie/cake during your time at the department.