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Testimonial Koen Varossieau

Having already done my University of Applied Sciences graduation project at Nematology I originally wasn't planning on going back there. But by chance I got assigned to the hIL-10 project for the course Immunotechnology which is a research topic at LMA (a subdivision of Nematology). During this project I got so interested in this topic that I decided to go back to Nematology and do my master thesis on this subject.

…. you get a chance to grow a lot and are always challenged to improve yourself
Koen Varossieau

August 2013

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The work I did during my master thesis consisted of introducing various mutations into the hIL-10 gene, express them in Nicotiana benthamiana and analyse the amount and conformation of the in planta produced hIL-10. When a mutation improved the amount of hIL-10 produced in plants bio-assays were performed to get insight in the effect of these modifications on the bio-activity.

I think that learning to critically analyse the outcomes of experiments is the most important thing I learned during my stay at Nematology. Always looking carefully at your results and trying to explain everything. I learned that an unexpected outcome doesn’t have to be bad and that minor details in the results can lead to profound insights. Overall I had a really good time at Nematology, you get a chance to grow a lot and are always challenged to improve yourself.