Student testimonial

Testimonial Md. Mahidul Islam Masum

As part of my master degree in Nematology at Ghent University, I had been studying as a research student for three months at Nematology department in Wageningen UR. During the research time I spent there, I worked on the effect of ectopic expression of venom allergen-like proteins of nematodes and mutations in endogenous papain-like cysteine proteases on disease susceptibility and development of Arabidopsis thaliana.

... I gained the confidence and knowledge necessary to perform experiments that I never thought I would do
Md. Mahidul Islam Masum

October 2013


I am very glad that I had an opportunity to work with Dr. Geert Smant and Jose Lozano Torres. Throughout my time doing research at the Nematology laboratory I have grown tremendously. At first, I had little lab experience but over time, and with much help from Jose, I gained the confidence and knowledge necessary to perform experiments that I never thought I would do. Jose guided me through concepts beyond my understanding and had helped me to conduct my research and interpret my results in an organized way.

Working with Nematology was both challenging and interesting. I am really pleased with the excellent working environment and research facilities available there. I have personally found a delighted experience to work with the people in the chair group. The people working there are  very friendly and willing to help if you have questions. I also found  regular meetings with the SPIT Group (one part of Nematology Department) where the members of this group shared their research with each other about their research findings, problems and possible solutions.

In my experience, I can say that Nematology is a nice group of people that  are enthusiastic to work with students and create a fun-filled, friendly atomoshpore. I enjoyed  the time while working with my research group in the Nematology department and that doing my thesis there helped me strengthen my admire for research and academia. I learnt many things, and I am happy with the end results of my research. I do appreciate their collaborative behavior and professionalism. Overall, I can say, I spent an unforgettable time in the Nematology. At the end I would recommend Nematology as a good chair group for to do their thesis.