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Testimonial Paula Harkes

When I was a bachelor student, I already knew what I wanted to investigate in my master theses. The hygiene hypothesis was one thing I always found interesting and I really wanted to do research on the interaction between two major components of this hygiene hypothesis; the bacteria in the gut and the helminths in the gut.

When I came to nematology with my idea for a thesis they were really enthusiastic
Paula Harkes

March 2013

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When I came to nematology with my idea for a thesis they were really enthusiastic. It was nice to hear  that they were open for such a new subject and were willing to think about a realistic approach for this subject. Eventually I did research to the effect of antihelmintica on the bacterial composition in sheep and I had a great time doing it. I collected fecal samples in the field, and investigated them in the lab. Of course carrying feces into the lab was not seen every day and soon many funny nicknames for me - or my experiment - followed.  The whole department was always interested and willing to help me when I faced one of many problems. I have learned a lot by doing my own research and I am great full that I have gotten this opportunity. Also the space that was given to make mistakes and resolve them by myself or with help of others, is something that is very valuable.

But not only the help, also the laughs I had during coffee breaks, Christmas dinner or Sinterklaas made me feel comfortable when I was at Nematology. I want to thank the whole department of Nematology for this great time during the six months that I was part of the department.