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Testimonial Tam Nguyen

Since I started my Msc thesis at Nematology Department in Wageningen University, I have met so many bright and enthusiastic people who are making science more amusing but in a professional way.

Thanks for the devoted guidance, I have achieved good results
Tam Nguyen

February 2013

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I am motivated not only to learn theory, but also to improve my skills as well as to approach a problem in a logical manner. I am very proud to be a student at LMA group (one part of Nematology Department). “To be honest in science” and “keep your belief” are the words that will be always kept in my mind. I have been so impressed to be taught how to overcome cultural barriers and most importantly how to tap into and develop ideas in group discussion. Thanks for the devoted guidance of LMA group, I have achieved good results for the MSc thesis and I see it as a vote of confidence in my little potential in science from the people who I deeply respect. Thank you to LMA group and the Department for this wonderful time.