The Russian paradox: opportunities for Dutch agribusiness

Published on
January 24, 2013

Russia aims for improving its food security situation. Although it has abundant agricultural land and water resources, the country imports a significant share of the food it consumes. Despite recent modernisation, efficiency in the whole supply chain including food
distribution needs further improvement to meet domestic food demand that continues to increase (both in quantity and quality terms) in parallel with economic growth.

Major opportunities are available for the Dutch agribusiness sector, including exports of products and equipment as well as knowledge transfer via sales and direct implementation. The scale and scope of these opportunities have been carefully researched and explained by LEI Wageningen UR on assignment of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The resulting report makes essential reading for all companies looking to do business in Russia today and tomorrow.

The feasibility study, based around the two pilots Animal Protein Sector and Moscow Metropolitan Food Security, assesses the current situation and bottlenecks for further development. The inquiry and interviews in Russia with authorities and businesses have yielded concrete leads in training and educational programmes, government support at the federal and regional level, and loan support from banks. There are also many specific private and public initiatives at the city or region level which support infrastructureimprovement, production, distribution and knowledge-sharing.