Tiny Restaurant, Big Potential: Building Lasting Relations between Farmers and Citizens

Stichting MIEP is looking to evaluate if their initiative, the Tiny Restaurant is successful in creating lasting connections between citizens and local producers. The Tiny Restaurant is a pop-up restaurant deployed at various places (such as schools, sports clubs, village squares) which prepares food using sustainable, artisanal, seasonal, regional and Fairtrade products. The goal of the Tiny Restaurant is to establish relations between local food producers and citizens through meetings, tastings and (in)formal knowledge exchange.

A pilot project of the Tiny Restaurant run in 2019-2020 in four towns in the Laarbeek municipality. During this time, an educational program was developed, and the Tiny Restaurant also served as a safe meeting space during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This project aims to contribute to understanding the effect of the Tiny Restaurant on the people that visit and evaluate its contribution to building lasting relations between farmers and citizens. It will help Stichting MIEP identify its priorities for the upcoming period, and formulate a clear strategy to communicate its message to potential partners, policy makers and funders.

Questions we aim to answer are: