Tropane alkaloids analyses at RIKILT

Tropane alkaloids occur naturally in a number of plant species, including herbs. Plants that are known to potentially contain higher levels of tropane alkaloids must therefore not be used in herb mixes.

Exchange of raw material

The exchange of raw materials can however result in a risky situation.  RIKILT can test your raw materials and final products for the presence of tropane alkaloids.

The turnaround time of the analysis is five working days, but urgent processing is also possible.

Review regarding incidents

In September 2013 RIKILT wrote a review regarding incidents on tropane alkaloids in food: 'Tropane alkaloids in food: poisoning incidents'.

These natural toxins have also high priority at he European Food Safety Authority. See  “Scientific Opinion on Tropane alkaloids in food and feed”.

RIKILT is your innovative partner in food safety research

Plant toxins represent one of the research fields in which RIKILT takes a leading role. We can determine – either specifically or in multi-analyses – more than 100 plant toxins including pyrrolizidine alkaloids, tropane alkaloids, ricin and alkenylbenzenes. The chemical analysis methods are supported by visual inspections. We also perform toxicological studies with plant toxins and provide advice on toxicity.