Samples of 50-100 seeds are distributed to users for the purpose of food and agriculture under the terms of the standard material transfer agreement (sMTA). Plant breeding companies and research institutes are amongst the most frequent users of CGN’s lettuce collection.

Between 1988 and January 2020, a total number of 31,038 Lactuca seed samples have been distributed for external use, corresponding to an average of nearly 1,000 accessions per year and to 12 times the current collection size. Until June 2016, the use of CGN accessions was reported in 144 published papers, mostly related to plant breeding or genetic resources management. The collection is currently being used for transcriptomics research and phenotypic analyses in the NWO-TTW research program “LettuceKnow, Science-Based Improvement of Salad”, which started in 2019.nt breeding or genetic resources management.