Vacancy: Personal Chair Life Sciences Education Research

Published on
October 8, 2012

The tasks of the chair will primarily concentrate on research regarding

  1. the relationships between (inter-) disciplinary, sectoral and societal developments, competence requirements of professionals who graduate from higher life sciences education institutes, graduate attributes, and curricula of these institutes;
  2. internships;
  3. workplace learning of alumni;
  4. the pedagogy of intercultural and interdisciplinary cooperative learning.

Furthermore, the chair will inform study program teams about research on curriculum development, increasing teaching performance, technology-enhanced learning processes and student assessment. The chair is also expected to create a network of staff members within Wageningen University who are carrying out or using educational research and to create an international network of research colleagues in the field of life sciences education research, and to engage in international education development cooperation in the higher agricultural education sector.

The chair will also have teaching commitments, although this is a minor part of the position (around 20%). Teaching responsibilities will be positioned in the minor Education. However, other teaching opportunities at BSc, MSc and PhD level will also be explored and utilized. Further focus in the portfolio of the candidate will be created based on past performance and future-oriented priority setting which is relevant for life science education in general and Wageningen University in particular.

We ask

The successful candidate
  •    has a PhD in educational research in the specialisation of higher education research;
  •    a proven record in the fields of research as described above;
  •    extensive experience in setting up new courses and teaching university students at BSc, MSc and PhD level;
  •    excellent publication output (with some Q1 articles);
  •    experience with substantial acquisition;
  •    supervision and completions of PhD-projects;
  •    a strong international research portfolio and network;
  •    leadership and management qualities;
  •    advanced data analysis qualifications;
  •    excellent writing skills;
  •    excellent teaching skills ;

Furthermore, the candidate

  •    has to be fluent in English (commandment of the Spanish, French or German language is an additional asset);
  •    an ambitious team builder;
  •    a potential partner of science-driven chair groups;
  •    creative in finding solutions for various challenges;
  •    innovative in terms of research domain and research methods;
  •    organised;
  •    results-oriented;
  •    communicative;
  •    practical and theoretical;
  •    prepared to travel abroad;
  •    a cosmopolitan, given the international identity of Wageningen University.
Finally, the candidate has to comply with the standards of the Tenure Track system of Wageningen University.

You can apply for this position until December 1st, 2012.