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Vicky studied in Wageningen and Vienna

Vicky Hunt from the USA participated in the EMABG programme from 2007-2009. She studied both at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, and at BOKU in Vienna, Austria.

Vicky from the USA
The EMABG program was a truly unique cultural and educational experience
Vicky from the USA

Participating in EMABG was an amazing, eye-opening experience for me. I got to meet and make friends with people from all over the world, and I got to live in two European countries for long enough to really get a feel for life and culture there. I went to WUR (Netherlands) and BOKU (Austria).  Living in Vienna, Austria, was particularly interesting, and I felt that I was able to reach a good balance between school work and social/cultural life.  I learned to waltz (poorly!) and had a great time visiting museums, music venues, and palaces in Vienna. I also have fond memories of visiting farms for field trips in the countryside in Austria, which was absolutely beautiful.

I am interested in conservation, and EMABG faculty facilitated this interest in my thesis work.  Following completion of my Master's degree, I began working at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois, as Coordinator of Wildlife Management. After three years at the zoo, I began working at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, where I am Adaptive Management Projects Coordinator. In this role I helped develop decision tools for conservation projects such as native prairie restoration. I am currently also a PhD candidate at University of Illinois at Chicago, in the Ecology and Evolution Department.

I didn't really know what to expect when I applied for EMABG.  Overall, it was a truly unique cultural and educational experience, and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to participate in the program.  I'm still in contact with good friends I made through the program, and I hope to maintain these friendships well into the future.

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