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Wageningen Experience Day - Saturday 8 October 2022

The Wageningen Experience Day (WED) is THE day to keep your knowledge up to date, find inspiration and meet other 'Wageningers'. Save the date Saturday 8 October, because that is when the second edition of the WED will take place! On this day, you will be submerged again in the world of WUR.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Sat 8 October 2022

During this year's Wageningen Experience Day, we will focus on the international impact of Wageningen knowledge. We collect stories from all over the world where the Wageningen approach has made a difference. International Wageningen alumni show their projects and work and engage in conversation with their fellow alumni. The event will be hybrid, so you can physically walk around Wageningen as well as online on the digital campus, which will also be filled with the stories we want to share.

Digital Campus

The theme of this Wageningen Experience Day is CONNECTED, discovering the Wageningen DNA. Once a Wageninger, always a Wageninger. Once you have studied in Wageningen, you have the Wageningen DNA. That is what connects the Wageningers, all over the world. But what exactly is Wageningen DNA? What does it stand for? And what does Wageningen DNA mean in daily practice?

Keep checking in to find more information about this year's Wageningen Experience Day! We hope to welcome you on the physical or digital Campus on 8

What makes you a 'Wageninger'?

I am a Wageninger because...

How would you finish this sentence? What is your ‘Wageningen DNA’? We often say ‘Once a Wageninger, always a Wageninger’, but what does that mean to you? Show us in a short video of max. 1 minute! During the Wageningen Experience Day on Saturday 8 October, we want to show a compilation of the Wageningen DNA from all over the world to create a unique connection that way. Join us!

How to make the perfect video:

  • If possible, film your video somewhere that shows where in the
    world you are located;
  • Keep your phone horizontal;
  • Make sure your face is in the frame! A good rule of
    thumb is keeping your eyes on the 1/3 line from the top of the screen;
  • Clean your camera lens ;-) and turn off the flash;
  • Make sure the light comes from the front (not from the back!) for the best results;
  • Use the high quality settings on your phone: 1080p HD at
  • You can speak in Dutch or in English;
  • Last but certainly not least: record a few seconds extra
    at the beginning and at the end. Start recording, count to three, and start telling your story. When you’re done, count to three again before you stop recording.

Are you satisfied with your video? Send it to or use WeTransfer. Do you first need some inspiration before you start filming? You can find some examples here.

Thank you and we hope to see you on our (digital) Campus on 8 October!