Wageningen best university in The Netherlands

Published on
November 15, 2013

For the ninth consecutive year, Wageningen University has been announced the 'Best University of The Netherlands', by the study choice guide Keuzegids. 'This institution offers, in all its study programmes, the most interesting courses, the most intensive study support and prime facilities', according to the Keuzegids Universiteiten 2014, published on November 13 2013.

The Keuzegids is intended to inform prospective students about all Dutch universities and their study programmes. The quality of the study programmes is compared per category. In almost all categories in which Wageningen University participated, it came out on top.

Plant Sciences best study programme in the country

The highest rated study programme in The Netherlands is Wageningen University’s Plant Sciences. It received a score of 98 out of a hundred, just like last year!

Ratings of all Wageningen University programmes:

Category Biology

1st place: Plant Sciences (98 points)
2nd place: Biology (86 points)

Category Construction Studies

1st place: Agrotechnology (92 points)

Category Life Science

1st place: Molecular Life Sciences (90 points)
2nd place: Biotechnology (88 points)

Category Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Shared 1st place: Food Technology (86 points)

Category Earth Sciences and Environmental Studies

1st place: International Land and Water Management (84 points)
2nd place: Soil, Water, Atmosphere (82 points)
Shared 3rd place: Forest and Nature Conservation (80 points)
Shared 3rd place: Environmental Sciences (80 points)

Category Communications

1st place: Applied Communication Sciences (82 points)

Category Health Sciences

1st place: Health & Society (82 points)

Category Biomedical Sciences

Shared 1st place: Nutrition & Health (80 points)

Category Cultural Anthropology

1st place: International Development Studies (74 points)

Category Veterinary and Animal Sciences

2nd place: Animal Sciences (74 points)

Category Management

Shared 1st place: Business and Consumer Studies (70 points)

Category Social Geography and Planning

1st place: Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning (68 points)

Category Economy

3rd place: Economics & Policy (68 points)