Water4Crops: integrating bio-treated wastewater reuse and valorization with enhanced water use efficiency to support the Green Economy in Europe and India

Published on
January 19, 2013

India and European Union have launched the innovative Water4Crops project that is aimed at recycling and reuse of waste water that would be collected from industries and households.

Water4Crops will develop an innovative modular biotechnological process dedicated to fully exploit the use of water and its content of the organic carbon and nutrients. This will lead to an innovation triangle with creation of extra added value compounds (organic acids, alcohols, PHA, …) besides nutrients, water (both necessary to increase crop yield) and energy as last recovery in a cascade approach. Nutrients and water will go back to the land and create opportunities to increase crop yield and to allow new crops to grow (spreading harvest periods and processing times). Finally the new crops and higher yields will allow more activities such as food processing and biorefinery. The co-creation of these new product combinations will lead to enhanced business opportunities.

Water4Crops Principle
Water4Crops Principle

The Water4Crops principle: (i) extraction of clean water and added value elements (Organic acids, Alcohols, PHA’s, PHB’s, Nutrients and Energy, (ii) the hygienically safe intensification of biomass production, alternative crops and (ii) the bio refinery / food processing are key to create already business opportunities. The co-creation of new product combinations within the INNOVA platforms will be used to define enhanced business opportunities and commercialization in the sense of Europe 2020/Rio+20.