Webinar: Do we need new visions on food security?


Webinar: Do we Need New Visions on Food Security?

In these pandemic times we wonder how to strengthen our food security as to be more resilient in the future. The consequences of current demanding times and the outlook for the next three years on food security is the topic of this webinar. We aim for interaction with the participants in order to set straight were the emphasis of future research should be. Feel invited to listen, discuss with and learn from the experts.

Organised by Wageningen Academy

Thu 5 November 2020

Duration 16:00 - 17:30
Location Online

Registration deadline: 30 October 2020
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Why join this webinar?

With this interactive webinar we gladly share knowledge and vision on food topics and invite the audience to ask questions to estimate eventually in what direction we need more scientific research. Please feel invited if you are looking for cooperation with Wageningen University & Research.

For whom is this webinar?

This webinar is for professtionals in food industry management, investment funds, food logistics, (semi) government, consultants, scientists, policy makers, journalists.

Outline and topics

The topics will be covered by experts in the field of food & health from Wageningen University and Research.The host of the webinar is Margot Nijkamp-Diesfeldt.

During the webinar following topics will be covered :

Speaker: Inge Brouwer is Associate Professor at the Division of Human Nutrition and Health, Wageningen University.

  • Speaks about the fragility in our food systems and the consequences of covid-19 on food processing and worldwide diets.

Speaker: Jeroen Candel is assistant Professor at public administration and policy group, department of social sciences, Wageningen University

  • Speaks about food security in relation to the Farm to Fork Strategy of the European Commission as part of the Green Deal.

Speaker: Petra Berkhout is senior researcher at Wageningen Economic Research

  • Speaks about the economic perspective on food security in Europe.

More information & registration

You can now register for the Webinar: Do we need new visions on food security? Questions? Contact the Programme Manager Astrid K├╝hlkamp or Programme Manager Martine van der Mast:

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