Week of the Festival Wageningen City of Cultures

Wageningen City of Cultures is a foundation focused towards international cultures organised out of the international city of Wageningen. Wageningen hosts many nationalities and is the place from where we organise events to broaden our views towards unknown aspects of foreign countries. Art, music, science and history are a few of our themes.

Organised by Wageningen City of Cultures

Thu 5 July 2018 until Sun 8 July 2018

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The Foundation Wageningen City of Cultures will donate the financial results to

- support for the House for Handicapped in Sari Iran

- organisation of a special outing for children in the Netherlands


5- 8 July Exhibition of Iranian art and photography

Location: Theater Junushoff and suprise locations in Wageningen

5 July - Thursday - Film

Location: Movie W

The awarded movie "The Salesman"

With introduction by Iranian director, combined with a special Iranian Buffet

6 July - Friday - History and Poetry

Location: Theater Junushoff

Professor Dr Ab de Jong (Leiden University) will introduce us in the history of Iran

"A great part of our knowledge has its origin in Iran "

Dutch Poets and Iranian poets are meeting and showing us the beauty and mystery of this typical Iranian art.

This night will be enriched with delicacies in Iranian music and dance.

7 July - Saturday - Highlights from IRAN

Highlights of Iranian international stars in dance and music 

introduced by:

Farbod Moghaddam - the winner of the Leiden Cabaret Festival 2018 

Location: Theater Junushoff

Great Iranian BUFFET with musical highlights from Iran

8 July Sunday - Democratic Table at lunchtime

Location: unknown - secret until the day before

Registration obligatory in advance per email

This special table will offer several courses consisting of international food, debates, poetry, music, politics, opinions, unexpected views.

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