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We’re off again…

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April 7, 2011

Yesterday evening, Wednesday 6.4. at 18:50 GMT, we reached the start point of our next transect at 56º12’N 9º0’W.

We took another CTD sample and deployed the towed-body, containing the acoustic transducers that send and receive the sound waves:


At that position we were still on the continental shelf, in relatively shallow waters of about 150 meters. After a few hours of steaming west, we reached the shelf edge. Have a guess what we saw there… some typical blue whiting layers! They were at a depth of ~400 meters and turned from weak clouds (blue colours on echogram) at first into a more dense school (yellow-green-orange on echogram).


We turned around to take a trawl sample:


The catch contained almost exclusively blue whiting…

…but also a deal fish and other deep-sea species (black ones on conveyor belt).

There were some good size blue whiting among them

Unfortunately, we have yet to detect some young blue whiting. Most fish we come across are 3-8 year old. This is a real problem, since the stock is suffering from low recruitment.