Wout Dekker

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Wout Dekker

"With a smile I regularly think back to the both useful and enjoyable time I spend time in Wageningen as student. Wageningen UR has an excellent worldwide reputation, and many of its graduates have excellent capabilities."

As a Wageningen Ambassador I can do something in return for the Wageningen University: a university that I owe a lot to.
Wout Dekker, zootechnics, graduated in 1983. Chairman of Rabobank's Supervisory Board.

Wout Dekker studied animal sciences and after graduating in 1983 he began working for Trouw International, where he focused on R&D for the fishing industry. When stationed in Chile he ended up in general management. In 1993 he made the move to BP Nutrition, which was later acquired by Nutreco. There he was again responsible for aquaculture, before becoming a member of the Board of Directors. From 2000 to 2012, Wout Dekker was CEO and chairman of Nutreco's Executive Board. And as of June 2013 he will be chairman of Rabobank's Supervisory Board.

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