Actio, building number 116

Actio is designed by architecht Peter Elemans, who specialises in designing buildings that make maximum use of the available daylight. The building houses Wageningen University & Research's Facilities & Services department.

Address Akkermaalsbos 12
Building 116
6708 WB Wageningen
Tel. 0317- 48 15 14
Visiting hours Monday-Friday
8:00 - 18:00
  During office hours the building is open to the public, after office hours you can only access the building with a WURcard.

The interior of Actio was designed by the interior designer Ramon Beijen van Rietmeijer Concept & Interior Design in Almere. His remit was to create a young, fresh, light and natural working environment, with basic clean lines. The special designer furnishings generate a colourful atmosphere thanks to their  bright colours and unusual shapes. 


Signs directing you to Wageningen Campus are placed along all major access roads to Wageningen. Once on the campus, follow the ‘P-route’ to car park P3. Here (and at all the other main car parks) you will find signs with directions to the various buildings on the campus. Actio's building number is 116.