Agricultural Transition in Asian Deltas – an interactive dialogue

In this side event we highlight the lessons learned, challenges ahead and recommendations that could be taken into account for Agricultural Transformations in mega deltas in Asia and Europe.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Sat 12 November 2022 17:30 to 19:00

Venue COP27 Benelux / EIB Pavilion

Vietnam, Bangladesh and The Netherlands have prepared their delta plans to adapt to climate change. (Mekong Delta Plan, Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 and Delta program (in the Netherlands)). As deltas have the highest economic value of all ecosystems, with food production as the major contributor, Agricultural Transformation is vital for the safe and sustainable socio-economic development of these areas.

Each of the deltas has its own additional challenges and goals to arrive at sustainable, healthy and inclusive Food Systems.

And to stay within planetary boundaries and to support a fair and just living and working environment for its inhabitants.

The event will be highly interactive. Let’s share to inspire!


17:30 - 17:33
Introduction to the dialogue and Keynote speakers

17:33 - 17:50
Keynote: Shakuntala Thilsted World Food price laureate 2021

  • Agricultural Transformation entails interdisciplinarity Improving the quality, diversity, and quantity of available food
  • Nutritional values are key in a true Food System approach

Keynote: Government representative Bangladesh or Vietnam tbd

17.52 – 18.00
Definition of terminology: delta, transition, food system, trade-offs, synergies

  • Introduction to key elements of Agricultural Transitions in deltas which will be the focus of three groups later in the session. Leading up to this side event there is an ongoing poll to vote for the selection of the three most important topics: Coping with salinity (for crop as well as livestock)
  • Diversification of crop production for diverse and healthy diets
  • Application of integrated (poly culture) farming systems (in coastal zones)
  • Enhance application of digital solutions by farmers
  • Water food nexus in deltas
  • Low-emissions delta development pathways
  • Fostering investments in deltaic value chains
  • Engaging producers in agriculture transformation planning

18.00 - 18.07
Introduction to dialogue format / world cafe & split in groups

18.07 - 18.40
Interactive dialogue / In two rounds (round I: 20 min, round II: 10 min)

All participants will be invited to share their insights, lessons learned as well as big failures they have encountered in transitions in deltas.

The participants will be split in 3 groups, each group will deal with one topic. In the weeks prior to the side event we will have an online poll to jointly select the topics to discuss (see above).

18:43 – 18:50
Observation and way forward (Henk Ovink, Dutch Water envoy)

18.50 - 19.00
Closing and revealing of the Delta of choice for the first edition of the Nature Based Futures Challenge