AMIGA - Assessing and Monitoring the Impacts of Genetically modified plants (GMPs) on Agro-ecosystems

AMIGA aims at producing scientific data related to the possible environmental and economic impacts of cultivation of genetically modified plants (GMPs), relevant to European environments.



AMIGA’s main objectives include:

  • providing baseline data on biodiversity in agro-eco-systems in the EU;
  • translating regional protection goals in measurable assessment endpoints;
  • defining lists of suitable bioindicators suitable for various European regions;
  • improving knowledge on potential long term environmental effects of genetically modified plants (GMPs);
  • testing the efficiency of EFSA Guidance Document for the Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA);
  • exploring new strategies for post market monitoring;
  • estimating the compatibility of GMPs with the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles implemented in the EU;
  • providing a systematic analysis of economical aspects of GMPs cultivation in the EU;
  • setting a training and communication plan addressing public concerns about GMPs.


A project’s cornerstone is the application of the EFSA ERA Guidelines, which is the basis for the update of the regulatory process of GMPs in the EU. The Guideline has provided ecologically sound principles for ERA, triggering the need of practically testing them. Partners of the consortium participated to the preparation of guidelines and 3 of them are senior authors of relevant chapters. The scientific activities will consist of case studies of maize and potato, the two GM crops currently approved for cultivation in the EU, and surveys in non-GM agro-ecosystems.


The final outcome will include a network of EU representative sites for pre-market risk assessment and long-term monitoring studies, a set of standardised testing methods and a geographical information system integrating relevant datasets, protocols and tools to help EU decision-makers.

More information

For more information please visit the AMIGA website.