Amount of plastics in Northern Fulmars stable

Published on
June 17, 2013

A new report of IMARES Wageningen UR shows that for the past decade, the amount of plastic in stomachs of Northern Fulmars has remained virtually the same.

Photo: A Northern Fulmar eats very small pieces of fish from the wastewater of a fish factory in the Faroe Islands, this could lead to the ingestion of small plastic particles.

A new IMARES report was published on plastic ingestion by Northern Fulmars in the North Sea.

This new monitoring update shows that, after earlier fluctuations, the amount of plastics in stomachs of fulmars has remained virtually stable over the last decade. Considering the growing intensity of activities at the North Sea, and the increasing proportion of plastics in waste materials, this may be a relatively positive result, but the target of course remains a strong reduction.

The report has extensive Dutch and English summaries: