Artists in residence – by Beelden op de Berg

This year’s eleventh edition of the inter-national outdoor exhibition Beelden op de Berg (Sculptures on the Mountain) will be held not only in Belmonte Arboretum in Wageningen, but also on Wageningen Campus. Under the poetic title of ‘Summer Snow’, 10 artists, all drawing inspiration from the theme ‘eternal rejuvenation’, will present their new work in Belmonte Arboretum from 17 June to 23 September. With this theme, Beelden op de Berg fits in with the celebration of 100 Years Wageningen University & Research.

Organised by 100 years WUR

Sat 10 March 2018 until Sat 16 June 2018

Venue Impulse, building number 115

In the run-up to the exhibition in Belmonte Arboretum, the public will have the opportunity to view the work of three of the participating artists on Wageningen Campus: William Engelen, Anne Geene and Lizan Freijsen.

William Engelen and Anne Geene, both Artist in Residence, are extending their atelier to the campus. In this scientific environment of scientists and students, they develop and elaborate their plans for the exhibition. William Engelen embedded in the meteorology group of Bert Holtslag en Bert Heusinkveld en Anne Geene in the nature conservation group of David Kleijn. Their research will be presented and placed in a wider context in two afternoon meetings organised by Studium Generale and Impulse in collaboration with Stichting Beelden op de Berg.

Artists in Residence events on Wageningen Campus 

Tuesday 15 May ‘Transformation’

15.00-19.00 @Impulse

Including presentations by:

William Engelen on the weather as a conductor: Meteophon

William will present his own work and compositions in which he intentionally uses unpredictable parameters. He will talk about Meteophon, a real-time audio installation in which the weather conducts the soundscape. A second version of Meteophon will be presented during Beelden op de Berg.

William will also present a number of modern and contemporary pieces of music in which composers try to catch types of weather into sound. The composers translate events like rain, wind, thunder and snow in various ways in images of sound.

Dr. Bert Heusinkveld from the Meteorology department at Wageningen University will reflect upon the way in which meteorological data in science is transformed into forecasts and maps.

The Sound of Chocolate invites people to slow down and to get immersed by their senses. With their multisensory journeys the Sound of Chocolate wants to bring awareness to the importance that sound has in our daily lives, especially while we are enjoying food or drinks, and how all of our senses influence each other. What you hear, see and touch will influence your taste. (Only a limited number of people can participate in this last part of the afternoon.

Thursday 24 May ‘Gather, Collect and Measure’

15.00-19.00 @Impulse

Including presentations by:

Anne Geene on ‘The Big Idea Syndrome’

Anne will talk about her work and what inspires her, particularly about science as an important source of inspiration. From the endless eagerness of mankind to know and measure everything. There is nothing we don ‘t want to know; we hopelessly keep searching for evidence.

Vibeke Mancini on Atmos Anima

Visual artist and writer Mascini reviews the ambiguous lifespan of various concepts, such as that of language, landscape and a single breath. She will address our cultural paradigms with regard to the definitions of life and death and initiate a dialogue by introducing whimsical elements in the current systems of measurement

Norbert Peeters on Darwin’s Shrub

Botanic Philosopher Norbert Peeters describes what happened when Darwin replaced the natural order as depicted in a linear ladder (scala naturae) by a shrub kind of figure. ‘It is an odd looking affair,’ Darwin admitted to his publisher John Murray, ‘but is indispensable to show the nature of the very complex affinities of past & present animals.’

Both afternoons are open to the public free of charge.

Dates Beelden op de Berg on Campus:

Artists in Residence

William Engelen | 2 March – 30 March and 30 April – 18 May

Anne Geene | 2 April – 11 May           

Artist in Residence Events i.s.m.  Studium Generale / Impulse

Meeting ‘Transformation’ | Impulse | 15 May 15.00 – 19.00 | Free entrance

Meeting ‘Gather, Collect and Measure’ | Impulse | 24 May 15.00 – 19.00 | Free entrance

Additional (free entrance) Exhibitions in the Impulse meeting centre:

Anne Geene | Impulse | 13 April – 10 May

Lizan Freijsen | Impulse | 14 May – 7 June | one of the ten artists of ‘Beelden op de Berg’

Levensboom | Impulse | 8 June – 14 June |  the results of the ‘Tree of Life’ educational project. Various primary schools in and around Wageningen have been working on the ‘eternal rejuvenation’ theme