Benin (NPT/Ben/183)

Enforcement of the education and research programs at the Faculty of Agronomy (FA), University of Parakou, Benin.

The project NPT/Ben/183 aimed to match the education curriculum with the needs for economic development in North Benin. WU assisted in adjusting both the education goals considering the demand of the employment market and the research programs considering to the needs of the rural population. To support the changes the lecturers were trained in new methods for teaching and research. To support this process the FA will also receive teaching and research equipment, means of transport, and library books and computer equipment for internet search of scientific publications. Supported by WU staff, the lecturers integrated in their courses teaching methods that allow training of other than cognitive competences. The team conducted and published results of participatory research projects. This should enable the FA to become an interesting partner for national, regional et international research organisations.


Some of the published papers: