Sustainability and its impact on Sector competition, Concentration and Market Dynamics in the Tuna Canning Industry (BESTTuna subproject 3b)

This subproject analysis the market dynamics that will be caused by the newly developed measures to improve sustainability in the product chain for canned tuna from the Western and Central Pacific Ocean.


The research focuses on the effects of certification and the introduction of management models for sustainable fishing practices that are developed in order to safeguard the existing stock of tuna for the canning industry.

The investigation will concentrate on the main production area and species where the bulk of the raw material for the world canning industry is produced: skipjack caught in the Western Pacific. Other species (yellowfin, bigeye and to a lesser extend bluefin) will form part of the investigation as far as they support the insight on how competition, concentration and the market dynamics within the vertical market chain are affected by the introduction of sustainable fishing practices.

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