Biometris GenStat Procedure Library Edition 21

Changes in the 21 Edition of Genstat include:

  • The Biometris GenStat Procedure Library and the library manual can be downloaded from the internet adress Just run the installation program to install the library. The Library contains a collection of procedures mainly written by members of Biometris of Wageningen University and Research.
  • A procedure can be cited as follows: Goedhart, P.W. (2021). Procedure VSEARCH. In: Biometris GenStat Procedure Library Manual 21th Edition (Editors: Goedhart, P.W. and Thissen, J.T.N.M). Biometris report 46.02.21, Biometris, Wageningen.
  • The following procedures are new in this edition: DCOVERAGE, QENVIRONMENT, QKILLPROGRAM and XLSXCOMPARE.
  • Procedures DCROP, DIRLIST, GENBATCH, PER2MUTE, QDIRECTORY, QENQUIRE, QENVIRONMENT, QFILENAME, QKILLPROGRAM, QMESSAGE, QPICKLIST, QREGISTRY, QSTOPWATCH, QTEXT, QTIMEDELAY, QYESNO, RLMS, RPLS, RSELECT and TPOWER employ an external C# program, using .NET Framework 3.5. The external program is called by means of the SUSPEND directive. You can check whether the correct .NET Framework is installed by running the example program of the QMESSAGE procedure. This should display a message box on screen.
  • The BIOMETRIS [PRINT=allfiles] command outputs the example and source code of all the Biometris procedures in a directory named "BiometrisSource" below the current working directory.
  • Uncertainty and regression-based sensitivity analysis of a deterministic model can be performed using Biometris procedures EDCONTINUOUS, GMULTIVARIATE, GUNITCUBE and RUNCERTAINTY. Biometris report 11.12.05 describes these procedures in detail and includes a number of illustrative examples. This report is distributed with this library and can be found in the Biometris subdirectory below the AddIns folder of GenStat.
  • Procedures PPAIR and SETDEVICE succeed a procedure in the official GenStat Procedure Library and have some new options and/or parameters.