Campus Safari

Wageningen University & Research invites you to an exciting Campus safari on Sunday 7 October. Join us on an expedition and search for our 'Big Five'. OK, you won’t see rhinos, lions or hippos. However, you will get a thought provoking look into the future of our five life-size themes: Human, Animal, Plant, Earth and Nutrition.

The work of Wageningen scientists comes to life during short theater performances, guided tours, workshops and presentations. rucola from Mars, musical plants and snacks from the (3D) printer. Science fiction or reality? Visit the Campus safari in Wageningen and learn all about it.

Organised by 100 years WUR

Sun 7 October 2018 10:00 to 16:00

Venue Forum, building number 102

In search of the 'Big Five'

The Campus Safari starts on the central (safari)square in front of the Forum Building. Here you will receive your Safari map, which will guide you to the Big Five of Wageningen University & Research. For each of the 5 main theme's - Human, Animal, Plant, Earth and Food - you can earn a sticker. If you manage to collect all 5 stickers you will receive a nice souvenir from the safari!

An open activity for the entire family

Subscription is not necessary for the Campus Safari. The event is for free and everybody who wants to pay a visit to Wageningen University & Research is welcome. An ideal activity for the entire family!

For some activities (like tours) it is necessary to register on the day itself. You can do that at the Safari square in front of Forum, so we can check the sizes of the groups. Full = Full.



  • Tour through the Water lab
  • You need to get the Martian vegetables


  • Listen to the Plant Orchestra
  • Photo expo - A day at Radix
  • Mini lectures

    • 13:00 Race against bacteria
    • 14:00 Learn from termites
    • 15:00 Evolution in your food


  • 3D Print your own snack
  • Can I have an ounce of 'plant meat'?
  • Participate in taste lessons
  • Discover the power of herbs
  • Do herbs function as animal medicine?
  • Detect herbal fraud
  • Search for herbs on Campus


  • Discover why we 3D print eggs from the great tit
  • Learn more about red mite, an itchy problem
  • Build your own (candy) DNA
  • Bone quiz - Of which animal is this skull?


  • Subjects wanted. Participate in behavioural research
  • Can you resist temptation? Presentation about self control & snacking

Miscellaneous activities

  • Cinema with mini documentaries

    • REEFolution - Restauration of coral reefs in Kenia
    • Smart Parks - Science against poaching in South-Africa
    • Seaweedburger - Irish seaweed als meat replacement

(All activities are subject to changes)


Day starts at 10:00 hours, activities start at 11:00 hours.

There is enough parking space at Wageningen Campus. Here you can find a map of all parking spots on campus. Campus Safari-rangers (students) will be happy to show you the way on our campus.

On the central square local foodtrucks will be present with delicious sandwiches, coffee, thee and juice.