CASCAPE - Capacity building for scaling up of evidence-based best practices in agricultural production in Ethiopia

There is a huge potential to increase the yields of small holder farmers in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government is committed to promoting and scaling up best practices through the Agricultural Growth Programme (AGP) in order to increase the agricultural production of smallholder farmers.


The CASCAPE project is designed to add to activities initiated by AGP, especially in verifying best practices in agricultural production and identifying under which circumstances farmers are prepared to take up innovations.

CASCAPE was initiated to strengthen the capacity of stakeholders on scaling up of best practices and newly introduce practices for agricultural production. In addition, CASCAPE is to provide an evidence base for best practices. Moreover, the CASCAPE approach aims at improving linkages between farmers, NGO's, private sector, universities, research institutes and policy makers.

The added value of CASCAPE in relation to the AGP is that it brings in scientific expertise for:

  • Detailed understanding of current farming systems and their effects on various sustainability issues
  • Verification of best practices
  • Identification of key factors for sustainable increased production and for successful uptake of these practices
  • Evaluation of short term and long term effects of selected practices on sustainability

The purpose of CASCAPE is to identify drivers for uptake of innovations, test and disseminate these and evaluate their short and long term effects and with this knowledge stimulate scaling up of innovations.


The objective of CASCAPE is to support the Ethiopian Government to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable way in order to enhance agricultural growth and to achieve food security. The sub-objectives are:

  • To analyse the conditions (socio-economic, biophysical, institutional/policy and technological) under which innovations are successfully implemented at farm & community level
  • Introduce, test, validate and document innovations and make recommendations for scaling up
  • To support the development of effective stakeholder and knowledge networks at various levels, to promote scaling up of innovations.

CASCAPE has the ambition to have a considerable impact on policy makers, extension workers  and farmers in both technical as non-technical terms. By taking into account short and long term effects CASCAPE will contribute to sustainable agricultural growth. Ultimately, CASCAPE will contribute to improved agricultural productivity in Ethiopia.

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