Wageningen Dialogue

CineScience movietalk: First Reformed

How to deal with climate depression? In First Reformed, a grieving priest is tasked with giving council to an emotionally unstable environmentalist who has given up hope that the world will heal from climate change. In her talk, dr. Abigail Muscat talks about the role of hope on a heating planet. Inspired by the philosophical works of Hannah Arendt and Albert Camus, she asks the same questions facing the priest: Should we continue to hope for a better future? And how to do that then? Questions relevant for many of us these days, and a relevant topic to touch upon during WUR’s Surf Your Stress Week.

The introduction by Abigail Muscat will be in English. The movie is English spoken with Dutch subtitles.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research
Venue Heerenstraat Theater
Price description Standaard 11,00 | Cineville 3,-

Wageningen University & Research considers its connection with the city of Wageningen and its residents extremely important. With CineScience movie talks, researchers give you a sneak peek into their work in a unique and accessible way by linking their work creatively to a personally selected movie.

Learn more about novel scientific insights, discover how our everyday lives relate to the work being done in Wageningen, and enjoy a fabulous movie that sparks conversations. The break offers ample opportunity to talk, a free drink is included.

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