Cobb’s sieves

This set of 5 stainless steel sieves can be used for extracting nematodes with the Cobb’s method: decanting and sieving. The high extraction efficiency is obtained using only this small set of sieves and little water.

Cobb's sieves
Cobb's sieves

The set contains 5 sieves with a decreasing mesh size being 1000μm, 365μm, 180μm, 105μm and 45μm. The top diameter of the sieves is 16cm, the bottom diameter (sieve surface) is 10cm. The height of the sieves is 8.5cm. The big advantage is that, because of the size of the sieves and no running water is required, the extraction can be carried out outside of the lab.

The prize of a set of 5 Cobb’s sieves is € 500,= excluding VAT.

Postage and packing Euro 25,00 per order

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