COEXIST, sustainable integration of aquaculture and fisheries

Coexist is a broad-based, multidisciplinary project which will evaluate competing activities and interactions in European coastal areas.

The Coexist project will aspire to provide a roadmap to better integration, sustainability and synergies across the diverse activities taking place in the Europe an coastal zone.

Europe’s coastal zones are of great socio-economic value, they are however also under pressure to balance competing activities and face potential conflict for space allocation. Stakeholder groups are diverse and represent diverse sectors, particularly fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, wind farm operation, and nature conservation in marine protected areas. Above all this is the requirement to preserve a valuable natural resource and meet environmental protection rules and regulations.

Coexist will publish a roadmap for integration of aquaculture and fisheries with other activities in the coastal zone. Other flagship project outcomes will include:

  • Characterisation of relevant European coastal marine ecosystems, their current utilisation and spatial management.
  • Evaluation of spatial management tools for combining coastal fisheries, aquaculture and other uses, both now and in the future.