Conference: Biomechanics in Nature

We are delighted to be hosting a Biomechanics in Nature conference on the occasion of the retirement of Johan van Leeuwen as professor of Experimental Zoology.

The meeting will be chaired by Professors Florian Muijres and Johan van Leeuwen from the Experimental Zoology group at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. We look forward to welcome you in Wageningen.

We invite contributions to a broad range of topics, such as mechanics and control of animal locomotion, biofluid dynamics, feeding biomechanics, muscle- and bone mechanics, plant biomechanics, bioadhesion, and biomimetics.

Organised by Experimental Zoology

Dates and venues

May 10th, 2023: Wageningen International Congress Centre (WICC), Wageningen, The Netherlands

May 11th, 2023: Omnia (Aula of Wageningen University), University Campus, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

If you want to join the symposium, please register here. And if you want to present a poster or give an oral presentation, please submit an abstract here. See also the menu for these two pages and other useful information for the participants of this conference.