Alumnus testimonial

Consultant at Infram

“My name is Jasper van der Woude. Even before I finished my internship at Infram, I was offered a job here. Infram is a consultancy company which mainly focuses on water, water safety and infrastructural development. I really enjoy my work, because it is very dynamic to do several projects at the same time.”

Through my work I can contribute to water safety and climate resilience in the Netherlands

“During my MSc International Land and Water Management, I specialised in integrated water management. Upon completing my thesis research on the possibilities of applying the Building with Nature concept in the Netherlands, I rounded my studies off with an internship at Infram. I got the opportunity to work on one of our water safety projects with Rijkswaterstaat. I also conducted my own research in the field of water governance. Four months after the start of my internship I was offered a job and became a full-time consultant!”


"Working at Infram is very dynamic, given that I work on several projects at the same time. This is great, as it makes my work very diverse and I have to switch between different topics. Most of our clients are governmental organisations, including ministries, provinces and water boards, but also include other stakeholders, such as citizens, nature organisations or private companies involved in the projects.

For instance, I am working on a project in Lelystad, where a recreational lake (‘Bovenwater’) is suffering from an overgrowth of blue algae during the summer months. This is a significant problem, as blue algae pose a threat to public health and result in noxious odours. Hence, the Zuiderzeeland water board and the Municipality of Lelystad asked us to supervise the process of finding a solution that suits all stakeholders. My role in this project is to facilitate a series of sessions with the parties to reach an agreement at the board level. My understanding of technical as well as organisational issues gives me an advantage in this project."

Linking pin

"A project for the province of Zeeland we were offered after winning the Delta Water Award is most closely related to my former studies. In cooperation with a research institute, two other companies and the ZLTO (Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organisation), we are conducting a feasibility study to assess the possibilities of large scale sub-surface water storage for agricultural use in times of water shortage. In this study, we pay attention to technical, organisational and financial feasibility. I work as a ‘linking pin’ between field experience, organisational possibilities and financing constructions."


"Another project I worked on is linked to water safety, fresh water supply and climate change. Infram was asked to design a strategy and implementation programme for water safety and climate-resilience in the delta of the rivers IJssel and Vecht. In this project, I had an active role in the consultation and coordination with the client and other stakeholders and was responsible for the organisation and supervision of workshops and meetings with local parties. In the summer we drafted a strategy for the implementation of climate-smart water management of the IJssel-Vecht delta, which is now being implemented by different governmental organisations in the area. This is how I contribute to water safety and climate resilience in the Netherlands."

"So, you can see, at Infram I work on a diversity of projects. Although my main focus is on water projects, part of my work is focused on projects tackling other issues, like the switch to more sustainable transportation. Even though these topics might not be the subjects I studied, I feel that the way I learned to analyse problems and work together with different types of people really gives me an edge in these projects."

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