Corona guidelines and updates

On this page, you can find the latest updates relevant for the majority of our personnel, students and partners. Detailed information is provided via email or by supervisors.

Wageningen University & Research complies with measures advised and communicated by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Dutch government, the local health authority GGD and the travel policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Over the past months, there was a weekly update. From now on, we will issue an update whenever there are developments that affect WUR’s corona policy. Please refer to the protocol (right hand side of this page) and the FAQ-list (via button below).

Information for students about COVID-19

The FAQ list offers detailed answers to many questions

Archived corona updates

Are you viewing the page on your mobile? Scroll down for the measures that are currently in place. These changes come into effect on Monday 7 June.

Procedure: what to do when an student/employee tests positive on COVID-19

If a student in your course or thesis is tested positive, please contact the taskforce Education in Coronatime for advice on what to do. They can be contacted through Reception Forum (weekdays 08-23h, weekend 10-18h, 0317 482160) They will transfer you to the correct contact person.

For employees: please contact your manager to inform about next steps when your PCR test outcome is positive.

Corona update 17 September

After 18 months, the one-and-a-half-metre social distancing rule will be lifted as of 25 September. This has been one of the most impactful, effective measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This is an important step in a transition towards a more open society. The advice to work from home is also slightly eased as of 25 September: work from home if possible, go to the office when necessary.

The social distancing rule was already lifted for education within WUR at the start of the academic year. This will now apply to all of WUR, which means that there will no longer be unclear situations where education and other functionalities meet. This adjustment particularly benefits colleagues who have faced such situations. From 25 September, the maximum of 75 persons per room no longer applies, and facemasks are no longer required when moving through a building.

Safe study and work environment

WUR continues to feel responsible for offering students and staff a safe work and study environment. From the start of the academic year, we have seen some incidents of infection on the campus, but these have not led to any outbreaks. This is good news and enables us to feel confident that we will continue to provide a safe environment with these measures lifted. The high degree of vaccination among our students and staff also contributes to our collective safety.

Working at home when possible, at the office when necessary

The new remote working advice offers more possibilities to work at the office. Employees whose duties do not require them to be on-site can come to the office once or twice a week, during team days, for example, or to meet and introduce new colleagues. The restaurants and coffee corners will offer their usual range of products.

The number of people permitted to be present simultaneously in a building will be gradually increased, particularly for meeting rooms. In doing so, we will take the ventilation requirements into account. Step by step, we will start to work on location more frequently. The options that hybrid working offers will help us as we move forward.

Meetings and events

How we define the options for large gatherings and meetings, both related and unrelated to education, on WUR premises and on the campus, requires some more time. We will provide more information on this issue in the next update.

Give each other room

Many have eagerly awaited these adjustments, and it is great to be able to see each other “live” once more. However, we will adhere to the basic measures: take a self-test twice a week, wash your hands frequently, cough and sneeze in your elbow and no shaking hands. Let us give each other room to adjust to this new situation gradually.

Corona update 26 August

As of Monday, 30 August, large numbers of students and staff are expected back in WUR’s education buildings for the first time since March 2020. Offering a safe study and work environment is our primary concern: we are aware of both the possibilities that come with the ease of the measures for higher education, as well as the concerns that this may bring for some. A survey among our WUR students shows that a very large number of students (88% of respondents) were fully vaccinated as of 27 August. Students and teachers will be provided with specific information by email.

The guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (Dutch acronym OCW) affect WUR in the following manner (also see the updated protocol in the frame on the right of this page):

What rules apply in which building?

The 1.5-metre rule is lifted in education buildings (Forum, Orion, Aurora, Leeuwenborch and the first two floors in Atlas). However, facemasks are mandatory when moving through the building.

This distancing rule is also lifted in the science groups’ labs where education takes place (BSc, MSc and PhD), but deviations are permitted at the discretion of those responsible for the lab (Business Unit Manager or professor), per specific situation. They also determine the maximum occupancy per lab that still safeguards a sufficient distance between the people in it.

The social distancing rule remains in effect in the rest of these buildings (labs and offices). A facemask is not mandatory in these buildings.

Maximum group size

As of 30 August, the maximum group size in cursory education, ceremonies as inaugurations, PhD defence ceremonies and opening of the academic year is set at 75 persons. Receptions and celebratory drinks are still organised outside of the WUR-locations.


The ventilation systems within all WUR buildings meet the government requirements. Every WUR-employee is requested to note the instructions posted at the entrance of a building or space and adhere to these instructions. Always take the appropriate hygiene measures. Read the document Ventilation in WUR buildings for more information.

Give each other some room

This easing of measures may require some getting used to. Therefore, we urge everyone to respect each individual’s feelings in this new situation. We also want to provide our organisation with sufficient time to implement the new regulations. Therefore, non-education related activities are prohibited in the education buildings until 20 September.

Opening academic year

The 2021/2022 academic year is to be officially opened on 6 September. This year’s theme is Crossing Boundaries. Register here to join the online ceremony. You are most welcome.


Check the FAQs for WUR students and employees or this page for the latest updates. Check here whom to contact for what. Or reach out to info.corona@wur.nl.

Have more (general) questions? The RIVM has opened a hotline for questions: 0800-1351.