Corona update 7 October 2022

After the outbreak of the Corona virus in 2020, the Dutch government decided when and which measures were necessary to deal with the impact of the Corona virus. In June 2022, the government presented a sector plan for vocational and higher education, as a new approach to increase the predictability of and societal support for future Corona measures, in case these would occur.

Action scenarios for rising COVID infections

During the summer months, the WUR Corona team and Taskforce Education have described which measures should apply in four scenarios, so that education, research and support can continue as much as possible within each scenarios. Measures per scenario are practices and learnings from the pandemic as of 2020 and have proven to be both effective and executable.

The Executive Board has, after consulting with WUR Council, approved with the proposed guidelines.

Advice to limit the spread of coronavirus

At this moment, no measures are in place. To monitor the situation, both the Corona team and Taskforce Education remain alert. Since cases are rising, please be aware of basic hygiene advice as advised by the Dutch government: wash your hands, cough and sneeze into your elbow, stay home and do a test if you have symptoms, ensure a good flow of fresh air indoors and get vaccinated and boosted.