Development and application of diagnostics

Fast testing methods are necessary to safeguard animal health. Farmers and vets need to know whether a health problem is being caused by a bacterial infection before starting treatment with antibiotics. Looking to the future, it will also be important to know whether treatment with medication will be effective; i.e. whether the specific bacteria causing the infection are resistant to a particular antibiotic.

The Development and application of diagnostics project involves devising tests that can identify several potential pathogens (bacteria, viruses or mycoplasmas) in one go. Work will also focus on finding a fast test that can detect antibiotic resistance. A start was made on two aspects of the project in 2013:

  • the development of a fast diagnostic tool to identify potential pathogens for respiratory disorders in calves;
  • the development of a tool that will help vets decide which antibacterial treatment to use.

The entire project will last at least three years. Other livestock sectors (poultry and pig farming) are expected to join the project as it proceeds.

Envisaged results

  • Fast test to identify potential pathogens for respiratory disorders in calves;
  • Fast test for determining possible antibiotic resistance.

Participants in this project:

  • Wageningen Bioveterinary Research
  • Animal Health Service
  • Expertise Centrum Dier [Animal Expertise Centre]
  • Wageningen Economic Research and/or departement ofAgricultural Business Economics
  • Wageningen Livestock Research and Food and Biobased Research.
  • MSD Animal Health
  • Van Drie Group
  • VION Food Group
  • Veterinair Kenniscentrum Oost-Nederland [Veterinary Knowledge Centre, East-Netherlands]
  • Product Boards for Livestock, Meat and Eggs