E-learning modules information literacy

Published on
March 29, 2021

Information literacy is an essential skill during your study. We have recently expanded our collection of e-learning modules on publishing and copyright. We've also added an introductory module.

E-learning modules information literacy

We have 13 e-learning modules available on different competency areas related to information literacy (orientate, prepare, search, evaluate, manage, and communicate).

The e-learning modules have been designed to help you put theory into practice through exercises and project tasks.

Three new e-learning modules

We have recently developed three new modules:

  • Why is it important to become information literate

This module has been designed as to introduce you to information literacy. You will discover why it is important to become information literate and why it is essential to use the appropriate tools to search for scientific literature.

  • Publish your research findings

In this module you will learn how to publish your scientific work, how to choose the most appropriate journal for your work, what peer review is and why it is important for scientific practice, what is the publishing process in a scientific journal, and which platforms are available to promote your publication. 

Last year we introduced the e-learning module copyright basic. You now have access to the e-learning module copyright advanced. In this module you will learn more about Dutch copyright law including who is the copyright owner and what are the owner's rights, how can you recognise and (re)use copyright protected materials, what are creative commons licenses and where can you find open materials.

Where to find the e-learning modules?

Go check them out on the WUR Library website, page "for students".