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Education system - Dutch students

Wageningen University was the first university in the Netherlands to adopt the BSc-MSc-PhD model to ensure that its courses match comparable programmes abroad. The duration of the BSc programmes is 3 years and the MSc programmes 2 years at the university. Education at Wageningen University is strongly international as seen from the approximately 30% of the MSc students and 50% of the PhD students who come from abroad (100 nationalities). All MSc and PhD courses are taught in English.

Student-Centred programmes

All of the study programmes are student-centred which means that you have a large freedom-of-choice to guide the course of your studies towards your desired specialisation. The study programmes are based on the competences that you acquire during your studies. Wageningen University heeds great importance to applicability and multiple disciplines in a scientific environment. 

Study Handbook

The Study Handbook is an excellent reference guide and gives you a complete overview of all the courses and programmes being offered by Wageningen University throughout the academic year.

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)

Wageningen University is wholly implementing the ECTS in its education system. The transfer and accumulation of your credits obtained internationally or here at the university will be processed and administered according to the ECTS principles described in the Bologna process. An ECTS institutional coordinator and an ECTS faculty/departmental coordinator will ensure the smooth processing of your educational records whether you are an outgoing or incoming student.

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In the third year of the Bachelor programme, you can do a minor. Wageningen University offers 46 minors, and of course you can develop your own minor as well. When you are not a student of Wageningen University, this would be a great opportunity to stretch you potential and experience what Wageningen University has to offer you. Please click on Minors for more information. 

Calendar Academic Year

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Students voted Wageningen University # 1

Wageningen University has been ranked as the #1 Dutch university five years in a row by the National Student Survey. Students highlighted the following aspects:

  • The freedom of choice
  • The quality of professors
  • The quality of facilities
  • The personalised career counselling