EU Farm to Fork Food Laws: What to Expect?

In this course, we anticipate changes in food legislation due to the European Farm to Fork strategy. Current development will be highlighted, and possible consequences for governments, agrifood businesses, agricultural and food-related organisations will be discussed.

Organised by Wageningen Academy

Wed 5 June 2024

Duration 1 day
Number of students 16 - 35
Price EUR 695.00
Price description This includes course materials, lunches and refreshments.

Target audience

This programme is of importance for proactive professionals that are responsible for regulatory affairs (policy) in the food industry, at law firms, in (non) governmental organisations and business consultants.

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of this programme, you will be able to:

  • Examine the EU's approach to regulating food innovation.
  • Optimise your sourcing, production or marketing strategy.
  • Comprehend the impact of upcoming regulatory changes on food, food labelling, and food packaging.
  • Evaluate the current state of play of the EU sustainability agenda.
  • Analyse the implications of forthcoming regulations on business practices.


The European Farm to Fork strategy intends to bring a lot of changes to the current agrifood systems that we know. To underline the need for these changes, a legislative framework is in development. In this course, we anticipate changes and consequences of these new food laws. In an interactive part, we all discuss possible future scenario’s that may apply to the direct environment of the participants of the course.

The following topics will be discussed, by the following experts:

  • Introduction Farm to Fork strategy and beyond & its importance for the food business, Dr Mirta Alessandrini
  • Sustainable food labelling & and developments, Esra Akdogan
  • Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation, Dr Francesco Montanari
  • Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence, Dr Chiara Macchi
  • EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices, Dr Silvia Rolandi
  • Food safety & innovation, Dr Mirta Alessandrini & Dr Silvia Rolandi
  • Forecasting, interactive session, conversation with experts from NGO/Consumer Associations and/or Food Industry, moderated by dr. Mirta Alessandrini


Based on your attendance, you will receive a certificate at the end of the programme.

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